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Hot Sauce

Granny’s House hot sauce is a blend of habanero pepper, pineapple and mandarin oranges! Flavor in the front, spicy in the back. This sauce is great for chicken, beef, pork and especially fish. A sauce that will remind you of everything about your grandmothers house..Hot, but filled with love.

Unc’s House sauce is not your average hot sauce! A blend of pineapples and mango with jalapeño peppers. It is sweet, mild in spice and a little bit of bbq flavor just like your uncle’s grilling.  Unc’s House sauce is great for all your bbq needs from chicken to beef, and you can even use it as a marinade. 

Auntie’s House is our sweetest hot sauce. Very mild in spice, but packed with flavor! A blend of peaches and apricots with Serrano and Banana peppers. Auntie’s are the sweetest just like this hot sauce but always have a little spice to them. We recommend you try this hot sauce on any style of TACOS or a good steak with white wine. Enjoy!